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My name is Luis Angel Labrada, Cuban; Professional Dancer graduated in Artistic Varieties at the National School of Performing Arts of Cuba, with more than 20 years in the artistic medium, with 8 years of study and 15 years practicing it professionally. I will be providing my knowledge to all the people who wish to learn to dance in a general way, I will use fun methodologies to ensure that each of my students can dance different rhythms of their interests, I will offer them some services such as Zumba with an artistic concept taking advantage of the vast experience as a Professional Dancer, They will teach Cuban Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Rumba, among others CLASSES WILL TAKE PLACE FROM MONDAY TO THURSDAY BEGINNING AT 7:00 PM UNTIL 8:00 PM
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Original price: $150.00


  • I will be teaching all classes at SWEET HAVANA Located at: 5510 Fern valley Rd,SUIT 103 ZIP CODE:40228
  • SCHEDULE: 7:00PM-8:00PM
  • Louisville,Kentucky Each membership will be for one month with 4 classes per week, lasting 1 hour for each class from Monday to Thursday; You will also have the possibility to pay weekly or daily. The money will not be refunded due to lack of client attendance (It will be the total responsibility of the client if he does not attend the session, when you acquire your membership you can activate a monthly automatic payment method which will be charged as long as you do not cancel it and wish to continue receiving the service, the payment process can be programmed automatically or done manually, we only intend to make the process more comfortable and easy for you, the client can cancel his membership at the desired time without extra cost and without difficulties; we will help to manage easily and without delays either to sign up or to cancel the service.We will start by making a special offer for the first 3 months with a discount of 33% compared to the regular price, Customers who sign up under the price of an offer They will remain at that price each month as long as they do not interrupt their memberships; If the client cancels their membership and then signs up again, it will be at the current price. Our clients will not have to be subject to a contract since they will be able to determine for how long they wish to continue receiving the service and they will not have to pay an extra initiation cost either, People will have the benefit of earning commissions for the memberships they sell, interested parties can have more information writing the word COMMISSIONS by text message to 502-813-9074 There are no excuses!!!!


         MONTHLY COST:$100 USD

         WEEKHLY COST:$30 USD

         DAILY COST:$10 USD